Staff Quarter

Staff Quarter ..

Proposed Hostel Building

Proposed Hostel Building ..

Rani Laxmibai Bhavan (Girls)

Rani Laxmibai Bhavan (Girls) ..

Pandit Nehru Bhavan (Boys)

Pandit Nehru Bhavan (Boys) ..

Hostel Rules and Regulations

1. Students should co-operate in the upkeep of the Nurses Hostel and its reputation. Students also should keep their rooms tidy and clean. They are fully responsible for the furniture and other articles supplied for their use. 2.Proper locks are to b..

Auditorium Hall

 The Institution Houses A Fully Air-Conditioned And Well Equipped Auditorium And Seminar Hall. It Is An Acoustically Beautiful, Air-Conditioned Contact Hall Used Both As A Theater Space And A Multi – Purpose Facility. BIN’s Auditorium Is The Largest Indoor Performance Facility At CHME Society’s Bhonsala Institute of Nursing. ..

Examination Hall

 The institute has well occupied, fully air conditioners, well furnished as well as Hi-Tech exam hall to conduct the Exams at CHME Society’s Bhonsala Institute of Nursing. ..

Computer Lab

 The college maintains multiple computer labs on campus. Students will receive personal assistance and help with campus logins, basic computer questions and locating information from helpful and knowledgeable staff members...


 The college has a well furnished library established mainly for the nursing students. It has over books, journals general reading magazines and news paper for the use of students and staff. Students can also avail the internet facilities with permission for extensive earning. ..

Hi-Tech Lecture Hall

 Spacious, well furnished and Hi-Tech lecture halls provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions as well as create the right atmosphere for long hours of learning. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented by audio-visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations, seminars etc...

Community Health Lab

 Community Health Nursing is the community oriented primary health care programme and the integration of community medicine with the primary health care of individual and community...

Nutrition Lab

 The subject nutrition is designed to assist the students to acquire knowledge for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life. Our Nutrition lab is well established with all facilities for the preparation of different food items. Types of Diet as per the clients therapeutic Diet needs...

Anatomy and Physiology Lab

 It is designed to assist students in acquiring knowledge of the normal structure of human body. Lab is equipped with various models, specimens, skeleton and all kinds of bones, charts etc…...

Obstetrics and Gynecology Lab

 The lab has well equipped instruments, Dummies, articles and other required specimens as per INC requirements, which provides simulation and practice skills on various procedures to the students. OBGY Lab gives an opportunity to become competent and more confident and less liable to commit accidents mistakes during their real practical situations...

Nursing Foundation Lab

 Nursing Foundation Lab is one which makes the imagination of hospital set up, and the students can study the procedures and all the things on dummy with the help of clinical instructors. These will help the students to reduce the stress and fear about the hospital environment...

Academic Building Details

    SN Name of Lab Area required as per INC in Sq. Ft. Ava..