Rules And Regulation

Nursing    07-Feb-2020
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Maintenance of Discipline Among Students of the Institute :-
1. All powers relating to discipline and disciplinary action are vested in the Incharge Principal/ Principal.
2. The Incharge Principal/ Principal may delegate all of such powers as he/she deems proper to the portrait such other persons as he/she may specify in this behalf.
3. Without prejudice to the generality of power to enforce discipline under the ordinance, the following shall amount to act of gross indiscipline.
  • Physically assault, or threat to use physical force, against any member of the teaching and non-teaching staff of any Institution/department and against any student.
  •  Carrying of, use of, or threat of use of any weapons.
  •  Any violation of the provision of the Civil Rights Protection Act, 1976.
  •  Violation of the status, dignity and honour of students belonging to the scheduled castes /scheduled tribes.
  • Any practice-whether verbal of other-derogatory of women.
  • Any attempt at bribing or corruption in any manner.
  • Wilful destruction of institution property,
  •  Creating ill-will of intolerance on religious or communal grounds.
  •  Causing disruption in any manner of the academic functioning of the university system. (MUHS)
  • Ragging as per government directions.
4. Without prejudice to the generality of his/her powers relating to the maintenance of discipline and taking such action in the interest of maintaining discipline as may seem to him/her appropriate, the Incharge Principal/ Principal may in the exercise to his/her powers a fore said order of direct.
  • That any student or students be recommended to be expelled; or
  • Any student or students be, for a stated period, restricted or
  • Be not for a stated period, admitted to a courses of study in college, department or institution of the University; or
  •  Be fined with a sum of rupees that may be specified or
  • Be recommended to be debarred from taking a University College or Departmental Examination or examination for one or more years.