Message From Chairman & Principal

Nursing    07-Feb-2020
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Dr. Shinde
 Dr. Pranav Shinde
Chairman, Bhonsala Institute of Nursing, Nashik  
Dr. T Sivabalan
Dr. T. Sivabalan
Principal, Bhonsala Institute of Nursing, Nashik
CHMES aspires to be the ‘Center of Excellence in imparting quality value based education and training in Military education, professional education and health sciences education. CHMES is making every possible effort to provide globally competent education and service with focus on human empowerment for sustainable growth and development. These developments are mainly due to the visionary leader Dharmaveer Dr Balkrishna Shivram Moonje, our mentor, guide, philosopher and freedom fighter. We pay our heartfelt tributes to our beloved leader.

CHMES has grown over the years since its establishment in 1935 and recorded numerous developmental milestones. It strives for excellence, and we believe in expansion, consolidation, as well as grow and develop ahead to achieve global and national expectations, trends and challenges.

We believe in quality improvement in all our endeavors, thus we subject ourselves for continuous regulation and monitoring by statutory bodies like INC, MNC, MUHS and MSBNPE etc. We have initiated the process of increasing the BSc nursing seats and starting MSc Nursing at Bhonsala Institute of Nursing. We believe in growth and development of CHMES and of the Nation.