Hostel Rules and Regulations

Nursing    18-Feb-2020
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1. Students should co-operate in the upkeep of the Nurses Hostel and its reputation. Students also should keep their rooms tidy and clean. They are fully responsible for the furniture and other articles supplied for their use.
2.Proper locks are to be put on the room doors, Jewellery and Expensive items should not be kept in the rooms. The institution will not be held responsible for the loss of any valuables.
3. Student should remain in the room allotted to them. Change of the room should not be done without permission from the Incharge Principal/ Principal through the Rector.
4. Care should be taken not to leave the taps open, lights and fans on, in the rooms when not required. Carelessness will render them liable to disciplinary action. Heaters are not to be used in the rooms. Cooking is not permitted in the Rooms.
5. No, relatives/children are permitted to enter the rooms.
6.Students are permitted to sleep out at Home/Guardian’s home on a written request by parent/guardian. However issuing of sleeping out passes will be at the discretion of the Incharge Principal / Principal.
7.All complaints regarding repairs or hostel problems should be made to Rector. Students should not directly deal with the workers.
8.The Hostel environment should be kept clean (rooms, bathrooms verandahs etc.)
9.Students should see the notice board at least twice a day for fresh orders or instructions.
10.In sickness students should report to the College during working hours and to the Rector on duty after working hours or on holiday for appropriate action. Students should not approach the Doctors directly.
11.Students on vacation are not allowed to stay in the hostel without the prior consent of the Incharge Principal / Principal.
12.Students mail will be kept in the rack in the hostel meant for this purpose.
13.Students are not allowed to roam around aimlessly in the premises of Hostel.
14.Pets are not permitted in the Hostel.
15. If any student found in use of liquor or narcotics on hospital duty, hostel, and society campus and in institute premises, an enquiry will be conducted.