About SNA

Nursing    18-Feb-2020
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The Student Nurses Association (SNA) is an associate organization of Trained Nurses Association of India and is a nation-wide organization. It was established in 1929 at the time of the Annual Conference of the Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI). Each nursing institute has its own S.N.A. unit. It is remarkable that the growth of SNA Units has been persistent ever since its inception.
The SNA and TNAI used to have combined Annual Conference, but due to the increase in number of delegates it was felt in 1960 to hold separate Conferences for the student Nurses. Since 1961 the student Nurses are having separate Biennial Conferences. These are held alternately with TNAI Conferences. The students are being given more and more responsibility to manage their affairs both at the State and National levels