Anti-Ragging Committee

Nursing    17-Feb-2020
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Prohibition and Punishment for Ragging 
In reference to Indian Nursing Council Letter Number F.No. 22-10-2015-INC(AR) date 19 September 2017 and notification dated 24 October 2017 (Website : ) direction of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, University Grant Commission all actions are being taken to prevent the menace of ragging in Campus. There has been no incidence in campus since inception. Students and parents are required to submit affidavits attached at Annexures 2 and 3 to this Prospectus and get them attested by Magistrate ( Not Notary) and submit at the time of admission.
Sr.No. Name of the Members of committee Designation
1 Shri. Hemant Padmakar Deshpande Secretary
2 Shri. Balasaheb Laxman Ghule I/C Principal
3 Mr. Amol Dattatray Shelke Lecturer
4 Adv. Suhas Sudhakar Jape Advocate
5 Mr. Shalom Prabhudas Shinde Tutor
6 Mrs. Swati Narayan Lohakare Tutor
7 Mr. Dr. Anchal Ishwarprasad Mudgal Sr. Police Inspector
8 Ms.DikshaSadanand Waghmare Students Representative
9 Mr. Anna Aba Beldar Students Representative