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1 Dr. (Mrs.) S. H. Kochargaonkar Principal M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. Psychology --> Name of Committee Members Designation Capt. Dr. Shripad Gajanan  Naravane(Retd) President Shri. Milind Suresh Vaidya ..


Working Committee  Name of Committee Members Designation Lt. Gen. Shekatkar Dattatray Balaji (Retd.) President Adv. Bhide Avinas..

Message From Chairman And Principal

Life is living, living holistically by keeping Mind, Body & Spirit healthy. One must incorporate Natural health, acquire emotional maturity and bring spirituality into everyday life.   Nursing is one such vocation, a noble profession, which is ..

Message From General Secretary & Secretary

It is our pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to one and all on behalf of CHME society. The central Hindu military education society has a rich tradition of 75 years of value system and military education .The prestigious campus of CHME society is..

Our Founder

Born at Bilaspur (Madhya Pradesh) on 12th Dec 1872, Dr. B.S Moonje had his school life at Bilaspur and Raipur; and became the Doctor from Grant Medical College Mumbai in 1898. He Participated in Boer war (Africa) in 1899, as a member of medical wing...

About C.H.M.E.S

A person having four vedas (knowledge) in front (to guide him), a bow and arrows (power) at his back (to back him) has a combination of "Brahmyam" and Kshatram" and hence he is capable of defeating the enemies either by "Shap" (Power of Knowledge) or "Shar" (Knowledge of Power). The Central Hindu Military Education Society was established by Dharmaveer Dr. Balkrishna ShivramMoonje, a great philanthropist, brave freedom fighter and the pioneer of Military Education in India. Dr. Balkrishna ShivramMoonje ..